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SUBMISSION GUIDELINES: If you’re interested in submitting content to RR, all we ask is that you simply follow a few important guidelines.

Include (in an email) a brief background on the author.  We don’t need a resume here, but if that will tell us about your political philosophy, then send away.

Include the content – we have no content restrictions regarding word count, so touch-up or treatise, send it all the same.

Regarding the content…

Not a fan of “bumper sticker talking point” analysis around here.  So if that’s what you’re sitting on, maybe consider a revision.

All “tips” are appreciated and will be investigated fully.  Proper credit will be given where and when it is desired by the party submitting the tip.

If you include quotations or bulk content from other sites or outlets, make sure they are properly cited and clearly labeled.  We’re not writing academic journal entries around here, but we do pride ourselves on giving credit where credit is due.


If you’re a flaming Lefty, you might consider sending your content elsewhere.  While we may read it, we probably won’t get past the opening paragraph before submitting it to the SPAM folder.  While Republican Redefined is not above taking a Republican or two to task from time to time, it is still very much Republican Redefined.



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