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Giuliani on Face the Nation: Biden “Chains” Comment a “Disgusting Appeal to Racial Sentiment” (VIDEO)

Rudy Giuliani Face the Nation

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani made headlines last week when he said he wasn’t certain Joe Biden had the “mental capacity” to be President of the United States should something happen to President Obama. For his part in that story and in helping generate the Hillary-for-Biden trade rumors, he was called in for an appearance on Face the Nation with Bob Schieffer Sunday to account for remarks. Oh, and Senator Dick Durbin came along for the ride as well to serve as the token Joe Biden apologist / cheerleader.

Jay Carney on Biden for Hillary Swap: Not Going to John McCain for VP Advice; VIDEO Added

Jay Carney White House Press Secretary Briefing

Since the Biden for Hillary trade speculation seems to be the topic of the day/week; it was somewhat fitting that someone finally got the White House on the record about it. Thank you Ed Henry. The “official” White House response via Press Secretary Carney probably did very little to bring an end to the speculation; but it did provide what may have been the first genuinely funny moment of his tenure. Yes and that was said settled a long long time ago,” Carney said. “And while I appreciate, I have great admiration for and respect for and a long relationship with John McCain but one place I would not go for advice on vice presidential running mates is to Senator McCain.”

Paul Ryan Intro Speech: “This is Our Generation’s Defining Moment” (VIDEO)

Paul Ryan Vice President Mitt Romney

Congressman Paul Ryan was introduced as Governor Mitt Romney’s 2012 running mate Saturday in Virginia and began a journey that will no doubt test his Faith, his resolve, and his will. I’ll be the first to admit that I have had my reservations, at times, regarding the potential selection of Congressman Ryan; but I can say without even the slightest hint of trepidation that if the Paul Ryan that took the podium Saturday is the Paul Ryan we’re going to get every day between now and November, I’m all in.

Mitt Romney Introduces Paul Ryan as Running Mate (VIDEO)

Paul Ryan Family

Governor Mitt Romney introduced Congressman Paul Ryan as “The Next Vice President of The United States” Saturday in Virginia ceremonially kicking off the general election contest between “America’s Comeback Team” and Obama-Biden. Okay, he actually introduced him as the “Next President of The United States”; but what’s one word?

Mitt Romney Introduces Paul Ryan as “The Next President of The United States” (VIDEO)

Mitt Romney Paul Ryan

Governor Mitt Romney unveiled the most closely kept secret of the 2012 presidential campaign Saturday morning – the selection of Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin as his running mate. And just as the Republican candidate was about to welcome Ryan to the stage, he stumbled a bit in the excitement of the moment and introduced his potential Vice President as “The Next President of The United States.”