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Mitt and Ann Romney Fox News Sunday (VIDEO)

Mitt Romney Chris Wallace

Former Republican presidential candidate Governor Mitt Romney and his wife Ann sat down with Chris Wallace for their first post-election interview this weekend and candidly reflected on their unsuccessful White House bid. Not surprisingly, the couple appeared very much at peace with the result. They’ve turned to family to fill the void in their now open schedules and are charting a path for staying involved in the political process – while openly accepting the diminished voice the “Romneys” now have in the Republican Party.

Mitt, Ann Romney Speak; End of Race Like Getting Off a Roller Coaster

Mitt Romney Ann Fox News Sunday

In a taped interview scheduled to air this weekend on Fox News Sunday, 2012 Republican nominee Mitt Romney and his wife Ann said the end of the presidential race was like getting off a roller coaster. Months on the campaign trail – both in the primary and the general election – has often been said to be essential in helping future presidents prepare for the rigors of living in the White House; but little is typically said about the impact it has on the other guy and his family. What’s it like for the losing candidate when the Secret Service, the massive staff, and the time-crunched schedule go away?

RNC 2012: Ann Romney (VIDEO)

Republican National Convention 2012

The next First Lady of the United States Ann Romney addressed the 2012 Republican National Convention Tuesday night in Tampa and wowed and at-home viewing audience of more than 20 million. She was tasked with the job of “humanizing” her husband. She succeeded and endeared herself to the American People in the process.

Michelle Obama: First Lady, Television Star

Michelle Obama Sesame Street

I’m not a Michelle Obama fan per se; but that really has little to do with her and a lot to do with her husband and her current residence. Political wives and families are off limits in my book – just so long as they stay out of the political debate. This First Lady is certainly no exception; even though aspects of her big government nanny state agenda tends to blur the lines from time-to-time. That said, there comes a point where one can simply grow tired of seeing a political candidate’s other half. If we’re not directly voting for her and we can’t criticize her; we probably shouldn’t have to see her every time we turn on the television. This First Lady and her handlers just don’t seem to “get” that. Maybe they think it’s working?