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Redefining Republican and Some Thoughts on Tuesday’s Election

Republican Elephant

It’s been roughly 12 hours since Ohio went blue last night. And let me tell you, it’s been a long twelve hours. But like all things in life, this too shall pass. While today feels like just the first of many long days to come over the course of the next four years, I am confident tomorrow will bring a new reason for optimism. Okay, maybe not tomorrow tomorrow, but soon.

Tuesday Afternoon Quick Hits

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I’m off for a run and an afternoon away from the computer; but before I headed out, I figured I’d share a few links from the best and the brightest of the Daily Reads. Hope everyone’s enjoying their Tuesday. Be sure to set your DVR for the Jimmy Fallon – Questlove – President Obama – lovefest later on tonight. Be sure to let me know how that goes.

Obama: Kanye West Smart, Talented, Still a Jackass

Kanye West Obama Jackass

Of all the things I’ve wondered about President Barack Obama over the years, I can’t say the thought of who his favorite rapper was ever really crossed my mind. Frankly, I’m sure if I would have opined about it here I would have been called a racist for the inquiry. Black president + favorite rapper question = off limits for a conservative. So, words can’t express how excited I was when I saw that the folks over at the Atlantic asked the question for me.

Saturday Morning Reading: January 21, 2012

With South Carolina primary results set to start rolling in around the same time the Men’s National Soccer Team kicks off its 2012 campaign in a match Venezuela, I have to admit I’m a little torn. Do I watch “The Yanks” on some combination of ESPN3 and Galavision (because the latter’s not in English and the former’s the Internet version of the network that will probably be showing “professional” bowling); or do I tune in for hours of “breaking news” from South Carolina as precincts report on Fox News? I think you know which way I’ll probably go with this one.

Right Wing Extremists: December 8, 2011

Republican Conservative Blogs

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these; but given that this may be one of the worst news weeks we’ve had in quite a while, I guess there’s no time like the present. Pretty much the usual suspects here; but here are a few new additions certainly worth taking a look at. My morning reads typically take me to the same handful of sources, so it’s no surprise that many of the new sites included here are place they frequent on a daily basis. What I’m saying here, is check out some of these links. If I can’t find anything worth writing about, I’m certain at least a few of these folks will be banging out something to catch your interest. Enjoy.

Al Gore: America Needs an Arab Spring; Not a Tea Party

Al Gore Current TV

I suppose I’m a day+behind this one, but I couldn’t resist getting my two cents in. You see, I despise Al Gore. Part because he’s a Tennessean and he’s a disgrace to my home state; and part because he’s a fear-mongering nitwit with angry at the planet and even more angry at the American People for not giving him the keys to run said planet. Bush v. Gore…WTF, right?

Harry Reid Being Harry Reid-ish; Blocking a Vote on His Own Bill So He Can Blame Republicans For Filibustering It (VIDEO)

Harry Reid Photo

I know it’s the weekend, so most of you probably missed the debt debate drama from Friday night. I happened to catch it, but am just now getting to sharing it here. So the House passed the Boehner bill – like it or not – and sent it over to the Senate where it was immediately dismissed. But that’s not the best part. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell rose to move for an immediate vote on Harry Reid’s proposal… and you’ll never guess who objected…?