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Senator Bob Corker: We Can’t Trust the Senate to Live Within Its Means (VIDEO)

Senator Bob Corker Tennessee

“You absolutely cannot trust the United States Senate to live within its means.” Say what you want about Senator Corker, but the guy is among an ever-dwindling group of “grown-ups” still walking the halls of the United States Senate when it comes to getting the country’s financial house in order. He may not always represent the model conservative this Tennessee constituent longs for; but on fiscal matters, he rarely finds himself on the wrong side of things.

Rep Paul Ryan on Boehner’s Budget Control Act: A Step Forward, but a Long Journey Remains

Representative Paul Ryan (R-WI) shared his thoughts on Speaker Boehner’s Budget Control Act yesterday over at The Corner @ National Review. As the young face of fiscal responsibility in Washington, his opinion carries weight with most on the Right (myself included) and should be seen as a substantial “endorsement” of the Boehner proposal. If you think I’m wrong in assuming his “power” within the party – both within the Beltway and out – just imagine Boehner trying to pass this proposal with Rep Ryan taking to Fox News in opposition to it…

Charles Krauthammer and Fred Thompson Talk Reason, Practicality with House GOP; Paul Ryan Agrees

Charles Krauthammer Fred Thompson House GOP Debt Crisis

There are probably no two living political figures that I agree with (politically) more than the two men that share the headline here – Charles Krauthammer and Fred Thompson. So as I’ve been struggling with this never-ending story that is the debt crisis, I couldn’t help but notice that both of them seem to agree on the path forward for House Republicans.