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Chris Christie Isn’t Going to Run, Shouldn’t Run, and YOU Probably Wouldn’t Want Him Anyway

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie

Time to report the no-news news story of the day… Chris Christie will not seek the Republican nomination for President in 2012 – this according to various reports of comments made by his brother on Tuesday. Speculation that the New Jersey Governor was considering re-considering a run has reached a new height of late as the Republican field of hopefuls has looked anything but “set” in recent days – probably at least in part because “front-runner” Rick Perry bombed in last Thursday’s debate and then got doubled up by Herman Cain in the Florida straw poll over the weekend.

Chris Christie on 2012 Republican Presidential Field

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie

Chris Christie says he’s not “legally obligated” to endorse any candidate in the Republican Primary and he’s not looking for a Palin or Perry to enter the race. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was the featured guest on this week’s Meet the Press with David Gregory and he certainly did not disappoint. I’d strongly encourage you to watch the full interview here… That said, I thought one segment of the interview was worth a post of its own. In the clip below he talks 2012 – the field, his role, potential endorsements, and dark-horse candidates not yet in the race. Have a look and catch me below the scroll…

Chris Christie Meet the Press

Chris Christie New Jersey Governor

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was the guest of NBC’s David Gregory Sunday on Meet the Press and looked very much the part of political kingmaker as we move toward 2012. He still says he’s not interested in making a run at the White House, but this interview would certainly be a good launching pad for just that sort of run. I’ve seen countless interviews and speeches featuring Gov Christie, but this one was by far the most telling. He weighed in on a number of President Obama’s recent decisions and made clear his position on key social issues. I believe him when he says he’s not running; but I can’t help but think I kinda wish he would