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John McCain: Sarah Palin for VP; Time for Santorum’s “Graceful Exit” (VIDEO)

John McCain Sarah Palin Vice President

Even John McCain couldn’t hold in the laughter as he was asked to weigh in on the vice presidential short list as the Party moves to coalesce around front-runner Mitt Romney. The Senator from Arizona and 2008 Republican presidential candidate, of course, said he thought the spot on the ticket should go to Sarah Palin. More laughs immediately followed. (Including my own)

Sarah Palin Says Allen West for Vice President (VIDEO)

Sarah Palin Sean Hannity Allen West

Sarah Palin speaks and headlines flow like sweat from a fat man working in the yard. After beginning her day on the set of Today, the former Governor of Alaska rounded out a media-filled day with an appearance back on Fox News with Sean Hannity. While the pair discussed a host of issues, the biggest headline of the day may have come from Sarah Palin’s decision to weigh in on the potential VP selection for November. Truth be told, she may have been sand bagging a bit. I still think she wants to be a part of the ticket – and would settle for the lesser role. That said, for now, she’s pulling for Florida Congressman and Tea Party favorite Allen West.

SCOTUS Obamacare Vote Leaked? Obama Cautions “Unprecedented” Activism by “Unelected” Judiciary

Obama Supreme Court

Drudge has been running the headline since yesterday – DID HE GET A LEAK? OBAMA TAKES SHOT AT COURT – and news outlets Left, Right, and Center have been scrambling to make sense of the president’s pointed remarks. So, what should we make of the nation’s Chief Executive mean saying he was “confident that the Supreme Court will not take what would be an unprecedented, extraordinary step of overturning a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected Congress?”

Palin to Guest Host Today Show; Lauer “Are You Reading Some Newspapers” to Prepare? (VIDEO)

Sarah Palin Today

I’m sure by now you’ve figured out that news of Sarah Palin guest hosting the Today Show was not a really lame April Fools joke like most probably thought when they heard Palin would be sharing a couch with Matt Lauer. I’ll wait and see the end result before I label it a joke-joke, but I will admit I’ll certainly tune in to see how it goes. Some have been quick to call NBC’s decision to tap Palin things like daring, bold, and edgy. I don’t buy it.

Harold Ford Jr to Mika Brzezinski and Meet the Press Panel: “Oil Subsidies Don’t Go to a Guy Named Exxon Mobil”

Meet the Press Panel

Harold Ford Jr. joined Joe Scarborough and the Meet the Press panel Sunday for a discussion of the week’s top political topics. Among them was the issue hitting closest to home with most Americans – gas prices. The former Congressman from the Great State of Tennessee penned an editorial for the Wall Street Journal last week in which he called for President Obama to “work with our leading energy companies instead of fighting them.”

George Will, Ann Coulter, and Van Jones Walk in to a Bar… (VIDEO)

Ann Coulter Van Jones George Will This Week

And Ann Coulter Orders the First Shot of Crazy? George Will, Ann Coulter, and Van Jones on the same show, on the same set, at the same time. In what universe? Jokes are made of such things; NOT Sunday morning political programs. Hats off to the This Week producer that scored that lineup. While I was hoping for Right-Left Armageddon, what actually transpired hardly lived up to the potential possessed by the clashing ideologies. Frankly, the former Green Jobs Czar (Van Jones) came off looking like a rational human being. He left the communist talking points at home for the day and actually came off more reasonable and open-minded than the “ABC News Supreme Court expert” – nutjob Terry Moran – who said “This is an Activist Court just as the courts of the Left of the 50′s and 60′s were. We’ve now had half a century of judicial supremacy; first of the Left; now of the Right. They will do it.”

Rick Santorum on Romney Endorsements “Rubio and Ryan are Young; They’ll Recover from It” (VIDEO)

Rick Santorum Meet the Press; Savannah Guthrie

Rick Santorum made another appearance on Meet the Press Sunday morning still working tirelessly to make the case that he is going to be the eventual Republican nominee for president later this year. While I’m certain Senator Santorum’s camp thought regular host David Gregory’s absence would provide a more welcoming forum, fill-in Savannah Guthrie was anything but a pushover. Frankly, she hit him pretty hard asking him point blank a number of times – more of less – why he hasn’t quit yet? To Santorum’s credit, he kept his cool and stayed on message – that there’s “only one thing worse than a convention fight and that’s picking the wrong candidate.” “Four years ago, we had a nominee in March. How’d that work out for us?”

Rick Santorum on Face the Nation; Etch a Sketch References a Plenty (VIDEO)

Rick Santorum Face the Nation VIDEO

Republican presidential hopeful and former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum is sticking with the Mitt Romney: Etch a Sketch Candidate line and he was grinning ear-to-ear every time he said it Sunday morning on Face the Nation with Norah O’Donnell. Frankly, I think the only thing that made him happier was sharing the news that he’d thrown three strikes in a row – A Turkey – while bowling in She-Boy-Gan, Wisconsin. He then attempted to deliver what I think / hope was joke by saying “that tells ya that you got someone here that can relate to the voters in Wisconsin just like those of us in Western Pennsylvania who grew up in the bowling lanes.”

Michele Bachmann “We Will be United as a Party” (VIDEO)

Michele Bachmann This Week

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-MN) made an appearance on This Week with George Stephanopoulos Sunday and was asked to weigh in on a host of issues ranging from the state of the Republican presidential field to the Supreme Court’s hearing oral arguments this week on the constitutionality of ObamaCare. The interview opened with a reference to the previous guest, White House adviser David Plouffe, who said Former Speaker Gingrich’s comments regarding the Trayvon Martin shooting were irresponsible and desperate… but then went on to take precisely the same position as Newt that regardless of race, all life if valued under the law. Bachmann begins her remarks by reminding Mr. Stephanopoulos that he failed to point that out to his Lefty cohort.