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Government Shutdown, Obamacare Rollout; Which Will Do More Harm?

Washington Closed

With a rollout of the largest piece of bureaucratic madness looming and destined for several levels of outright failure, Republicans in Washington decided in their infinite wisdom to use passage of a continuing resolution to take a stand against the Affordable Care Act. Instead of letting Obamacare roll out and be seen for what it is – a nightmare wrapped in a quagmire of administrative red tape – Republicans decided to sweep in and focus attention elsewhere.

Paul Ryan on Divided Government; Solving Fiscal Problems (VIDEO)

Congressman Paul Ryan’s been noticeably (and it seems intentionally) silent since the election in November. Because of that, many have been wondering what posture post-defeat Ryan would take as he moves into the second term of President Obama and positions himself for future ambitions. While a Sunday interview with David Gregory is hardly the place to gauge and determine such things, it does appear that this Ryan plans to look and sound a lot like the old one.

Paul Ryan Talks Entitlements; Makers and Takers (VIDEO)

Paul Ryan on Meet the Press talks entitlements, makers and takers: We don’t want a dependency culture. We want a safety net that makes sure people don’t fall through the cracks; that gets people on their feet. People want the American Dream. They want lives of opportunity. They want to reach their potential. Our concern in this country is with the idea that more and more able-bodied Americans are becoming dependent upon the government than themselves for their livelihoods. We want to make sure we don’t continue that trend…

Schumer, Cruz Debate Guns and Debt on Meet the Press (VIDEO)

Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) joined David Gregory for a discussion on matters related to gun control and fiscal responsibility Sunday morning on Meet the Press. Considering Chuck Schumer’s track record of hardlining on programs such as this and Cruz’s typically no holds barred approach to political discourse, the result was somewhat dull and underwhelming. At one point Cruz even attempted to strike a deal with Schumer on his “Full Faith and Credit” proposal and the two seemed to see eye-to-eye at taking debt ceiling increase debates off the table going forward. Whodathunkit?

Prime Minister David Cameron on This Week Talks Israel-Palestine, Libya, UN (VIDEO)

Prime Minister David Cameron

British Prime Minister David Cameron made an appearance on This Week with Christiane Amanpour Sunday and addressed a host of foreign affairs issues relevant to both the US and our oldest ally. Among them, was the much in jeopardy status of a mutual ally – Israel. Reacting to the latest strategic moves made by the Palestinians at the UN, Cameron said “We want to see a two-state solution – on the ground – not on paper in resolutions at the UN.”

Paul Ryan on Hannity Explains Debt Ceiling Compromise Vote; Hints at Spot on Super Committee? (VIDEO)

Congressman Paul Ryan Photo

Budget Committee Chairman Congressman Paul Ryan voted “YES” on Speaker Boehner’s debt-ceiling proposal and then made an appearance on Hannity Monday night to explain his position. In the course of the discussion, Rep Ryan may have inadvertently revealed how Speaker Boehner was able to secure his yes vote to move the legislation forward. Maybe he promised the Congressman from Wisconsin a spot on the super-committee?

Charles Krauthammer: The Debt-Ceiling Divide; 2012 Will be the Ideological Rubber Match

Conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer made one final plea to Republicans Thursday night in his column at National Review urging GOP members in the House to let 2012 elections serve as the “Rubber Match” for America’s future. Obama won 2008; Republicans won a decisive victory in 2010, but fell short of a mandate to govern; and now 2012 will be the tie-breaker for the path Americans desire going forward.

GOP Candidates’ Positions on Debt Ceiling Debate; Speaker Boehner Bill (VIDEO)

VIDEO: Fox News runs down the list of GOP presidential hopefuls’ positions on Speaker Boehner’s debt reduction legislation. Texas Congressman Ron Paul, Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, Former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, Texas Governor Rick Perry, and Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin are “No’s.” Former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman and Ambassador to China’s a “Yes.” Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is taking a pass.