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Happy Constitution Day Patriots!

Founding Fathers

Just wanted to wish all you country-loving patriots a very happy Constitution Day. More than 200 years ago today, a group of men changed the world forever with their signatures on a document that helped make law of the Rights endowed upon all humanity by our Creator. We all owe a great debt of gratitude to those courageous men for their effort, but we also owe a special thanks to the generations that have come between that day and this for protecting that great work for our generation and those still to come. The cause of Liberty was once unique and unimaginable. Perhaps the greatest testament to that brilliant document is the fact that such is no longer unthinkable.

Right Wing Extremists: July 22, 2011

Republican Conservative Blogs

Somewhat inspired by the Hawkins piece that set the right-wing blogging community afire by predicting the doom of the conservative blogger, I thought an end-of-the-week link fest might be a good way to not write about debt ceiling negotiations if but for a moment. I passed on the opportunity to write the obligatory F-You John Hawkins; the I’m going to prove you wrong John Hawkins; or the crap he’s right I quit… post for a number of reasons, but none provided motivation more than the simple fact that I’m quite certain none of my readers would really give a damn

Right Wing Extremists: 4th of July – Independence Day Edition

Republican Conservative Blogs

I can’t think of a more fitting day for another entry in Republican Redefined’s tribute to the Right Wing Extremists of the political universe than the day that helped give birth to this great nation. The men and women of the right wing blogging/writing fraternity work diligently to do their part to preserve, protect, and promote the Fundamental Principles enumerated in that great and historic Document. It is work that more often than not goes unnoticed, but it is no doubt a noble endeavor all the same. I only hope that on this extraordinary day of remembrance, celebration, and pride… they’re finally getting a “day off.” Happy Fourth of July folks. Hope it’s a good one.

Fourth of July Myths Debunked by National Geographic

Independence Day

Can you name the three presidents that died on July 4th? Did a 4th of July celebration really crack the Liberty Bell? Was the Declaration of Independence really signed on July 4th? National Geographic’s Brian Handwerk shares some interesting trivia / conversation fodder related to the anniversary of our nation’s founding. Enjoy.