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Right Wing Extremists: January 13, 2012

Republican Conservative Blogs

It’s been a while, so I figured there was no time like the present to share a few links from the best and the brightest of the right-wing universe. Quite a few new first timers here as well. One point worth noting on the Republican primary front… Pretty broad range of support for most of the candidates still remaining in the field. While I don’t think I’ve included anyone swapping spit with Jon Huntsman, I’m fairly certain the rest of the field has at least one supporter among this distinguished group of right wing patriots.

DHS Issues Turkey Warning – Deep Frying Turkeys is Dangerous!!

Turkey with a Gun

It’s turkey time, so that means it’s also time for the obligatory turkey fryer warning. Just in case you haven’t heard by now, fried turkeys are delicious. Delicious and dangerous. Yes, they may be moist, juicy, and a heck of a lot of fun to fry; but they can also set your house (or your block) on fire if the appropriate precautions aren’t taken to make sure Turkey Day doesn’t turn into an unwanted bonfire on the back porch. Kidding aside. They are dangerous. I plan to fry one this week and I’m more than a little worried my house may serve as the backdrop for next year’s YouTube warning bonanza. I’ll let you know how it goes. That said. When I say they’re “dangerous”, I don’t mean they’re dangerous like lobbing a hand grenade in a crowded restaurant or strapping explosives to your boxer briefs and getting on a plane. It seems yours truly and the Department of Homeland Security have a difference of opinions on that. Big sis has just Tweeted a Turkey Fryer warning from the government agency dedicated to keeping us safe from terrorist attacks.

Janet Napolitano: We’re Working “24/7, 364″ To Keep The American People Safe

MEDIAITE:  Ya gotta wonder which day America’s anti-terror forces are kicking their feet up with a book and maybe a nap, instead of, you know, “keeping the American people safe?” On ABC’s World News tonight, Diane Sawyer sat down with Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano to talk about the possibility of a terror attack over the holidays. And…

Mystery Missile Launch Off California Coast, Navy, DHS & Pentagon None the Wiser (Video)

The case of the mystery missile launch… A missile was seen departing the waters off the coast of California last evening and video of the missile and its contrail make any attempt to dispute a launch rather ridiculous to say the least. There was a launch. The only question is – who’s the responsible party here? Oh, and it seems no one – and I mean no one – from the Navy to NORTHCOM to The Pentagon to DHS has a friggin clue!!