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Feinstein to Cruz in Heated Gun Debate: “I’m Not a Sixth Grader”

A ban on the sale and manufacture of “more than 150 types of ‘semi-automatic weapons’ with ‘military-style features’” cleared the Senate Judiciary Committee Thursday; but not without a bit of fireworks between bill sponsor Dianne Feinstein of California and Senator Ted Cruz of Texas. After discussing the “Right of the People” language included in the First, Second, and Fourth Amendments, Cruz asked Feinstein if Congress had the power to take action limiting the Rights spelled out in the First and Fourth Amendments in the same manner her bill aims to limit the Second Amendment.

Right Wing Extremists: March 13, 2012

I blog because I enjoy it. To say that I’ve enjoyed blogging the last several days would do a great disservice to the word enjoyment… and just about any other word with positive connotation. Because of that, posts have been coming at a snail’s pace around here; and I do apologize to the folks that venture over this way in search of “news” and whatever it is one typically comes here to find. That said, I have thoroughly enjoyed watching my right-wing brethren navigate their way through this relative news suck week; so I will share a few of the best and brightest I came across along the way.

Right Wing Extremists: January 13, 2012

Republican Conservative Blogs

It’s been a while, so I figured there was no time like the present to share a few links from the best and the brightest of the right-wing universe. Quite a few new first timers here as well. One point worth noting on the Republican primary front… Pretty broad range of support for most of the candidates still remaining in the field. While I don’t think I’ve included anyone swapping spit with Jon Huntsman, I’m fairly certain the rest of the field has at least one supporter among this distinguished group of right wing patriots.

Right Wing Extremists: July 22, 2011

Republican Conservative Blogs

Somewhat inspired by the Hawkins piece that set the right-wing blogging community afire by predicting the doom of the conservative blogger, I thought an end-of-the-week link fest might be a good way to not write about debt ceiling negotiations if but for a moment. I passed on the opportunity to write the obligatory F-You John Hawkins; the I’m going to prove you wrong John Hawkins; or the crap he’s right I quit… post for a number of reasons, but none provided motivation more than the simple fact that I’m quite certain none of my readers would really give a damn

Right Wing Extremists: 4th of July – Independence Day Edition

Republican Conservative Blogs

I can’t think of a more fitting day for another entry in Republican Redefined’s tribute to the Right Wing Extremists of the political universe than the day that helped give birth to this great nation. The men and women of the right wing blogging/writing fraternity work diligently to do their part to preserve, protect, and promote the Fundamental Principles enumerated in that great and historic Document. It is work that more often than not goes unnoticed, but it is no doubt a noble endeavor all the same. I only hope that on this extraordinary day of remembrance, celebration, and pride… they’re finally getting a “day off.” Happy Fourth of July folks. Hope it’s a good one.

Fourth of July Myths Debunked by National Geographic

Independence Day

Can you name the three presidents that died on July 4th? Did a 4th of July celebration really crack the Liberty Bell? Was the Declaration of Independence really signed on July 4th? National Geographic’s Brian Handwerk shares some interesting trivia / conversation fodder related to the anniversary of our nation’s founding. Enjoy.

Would the Founding Fathers Recognize Today’s America?

Former speaker of the House Newt Gingrich discusses the current political climate in Washington and the state of the United States more than 200 years after the founding of this great nation. They also discuss the release of To Try Men’s Souls by Newt Gingrich and William R. Forstchen which outlines the authors’ interpretations of how our Founding Fathers would view the nation that they created.

Video: The Second American Revolution

I posted a video on the Common Bond here the other day. Here is another video by the same creator. This video talks about common sense and a second revolution. Just like the other video, I am not in complete agreement with all of this – especially his take at the beginning on English as an official language, but the whole of the video is pretty interesting or at least entertaining.

Thomas Paine on “The Common Bond”

I am not entirely on board with this interpretation of Thomas Paine or diversity, but I do adamantly support 99% of this clip. I actually think it is quite brilliant and well made. I know nothing at this point about its creator but it is certainly worth a few minutes to watch. He channels the passion of Thomas Paine in a modern context discussing the common bonds that unite Americans.