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Hillary Clinton Endorses Same Sex Marriage (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton Human Rights Campaign

In a video posted online by the Human Rights Campaign Monday, Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said she now supports marriage equality and sees the matter as a human rights issue – “I believe America is at its best when we champion the freedom and dignity of every human being.” Secretary Clinton had previously taken the position that civil unions were a viable alternative and that defining marriage should be left to states. Her public reversal comes just days after her husband, Former President Bill Clinton, announced his own reversal in an op-ed calling for DOMA (the Defense of Marriage Act) – which he signed into law – to be overturned.

Rob Portman’s Gay Marriage Reversal Resulted from Son Coming Out

Senator Rob Portman Son Will Portman Gay Marriage

When I first saw the endless array of headlines related to Ohio Senator Rob Portman’s public announcement that he’s changed his position on same sex marriage, I immediately assumed the Left must be driving the conversation. Every headline mentioned Portman’s son “coming out” as if that was the driving issue (or excuse) behind the reversal. I thought, the Left is doing what the Left typically does – minimize the impact of a Republican “doing the right thing” by throwing out the narrative that said Republican really had no other choice. Think of the GOP post-2012-election and immigration if you need an example. They don’t really support immigration reform, they just realized after November’s presidential election that they can’t win going forward unless they soften their tone on the “path to citizenship” side.

Obama to Reach Out to Young Voters in North Carolina, On Jimmy Fallon

Barack Obama Jimmy Fallon

President Obama is in North Carolina today on the first leg of a three-state tour to promote his student loan rate-reduction proposal – a move most believe is a shallow attempt at reaching out to young voters which most believe will be crucial to his claiming a second term. To further the effort, the President will make an appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon that will be taped on the campus of the University of North Carolina. Critics are already screaming conduct unbecoming…

Obama’s North Carolina Courtship May Drive Wedge with Gay Community; Young Voters

Obama Gay Marriage

The problem for President Obama is getting re-elected and still running away from every domestic issue that “Hope and Change” insinuated or implied would come with his historic election in 2008. He may have every intention of making Same Sex Marriage / Gay Rights part of his second term agenda; he just can’t even begin to hint at it if he wants to carry states like North Carolina that helped him claim victory over John McCain.

How Long Before Tim Tebow Gets the Kirk Cameron Treatment in New York?

Tim Tebow Jets

Tim Tebow to the Jets. How long before his Faith becomes an issue for the New York media. Will he be the next Kirk Cameron ostracized for views on homosexuality? Tim Tebow was traded to the New York Jets Wednesday night and then he was untraded while the Jacksonville Jaguars attempted to reopen negotiations with the Denver Peytons Broncos. In the end, Tebow was eventually, again, dealt to New York – either at Tebow’s personal request or in a move that made the most business sense for Elway and the Broncos – depending on which side you believe. I don’t care much for the particulars of an NFL trade negotiation, but I do find it somewhat intriguing that Mr. Tebow appears so excited to begin his Big Apple journey.

Herman Cain Weighs in on Social Issues – Gay Marriage, Abortion – with Piers Morgan (VIDEO)

Herman Cain for President

The Left is having a field day with this interview, so I felt compelled to throw it up here so you can see it for yourself. I came across it for the first time over at Mediaite where the headline read “Herman Cain Tells Piers Morgan That He Is Anti-Abortion, Yet Pro-Choice?” I think you can probably see why I found it compelling. In the video clip posted below, Cain and Morgan discuss homosexuality/Gay Marriage and abortion. I’ll leave to you whether his stated position on abortion really squares with the headline above. We will get to my thoughts on that matter in a moment; but first the subject of Cain’s view of homosexuality because I think it sheds some light on the abortion position as well.

Christine O’Donnell Walks off Interview with Piers Morgan

Christine O'Donnell walks off CNN set

Anyone see the Piers Morgan – Christine O’Donnell walk off Wednesday night? Live? What? You mean you missed seeing Christine O’Donnell walk off the interview with the Larry King replacement when he brought up the subject of “gay marriage?” Wait… You don’t watch Piers Morgan? Whodathunkit? Well, while Wednesday night’s show may have had but a handful of viewers “live”, at least a portion of the program is going to draw a crowd. This video’s going viral and I’ll leave it to you to figure out the what’s and why’s.

Clips From the Sunday Circuit: July 24, 2011

sunday shows meet the press, face the nation, this week, fox news sunday

Debt ceiling, debt ceiling, debt ceiling… The weekly clip-summary of the Sunday political show circuit was devoted to the ongoing negotiations between Congressional Republicans and the White House over raising our nation’s debt ceiling and finding a way to curb out-of-control government spending. It seems that Republicans are to blame and “compromise” is the dirty word that everyone on these panels think we need to throw around with more regularity. Since they’re in the business of advocating the use of “profanity” and Democrats are “Jackasses”… Andrea Mitchell is a dumb-ass; Tim Geithner is a wise-ass; and Tom Daschle is just a plain old-ass. Oh, Senator Richard Durbin’s a “dick.”

Clips From the Sunday Circuit: July 10, 2011

sunday shows

Time again for the weekly clip-summary of Sunday’s political television circuit. No real surprises here regarding topics discussed. The White House had its Chief of Staff and its Treasury Secretary out making the rounds to sell President Obama’s position on the debt ceiling debate and Republicans sent the “big boys” – Senator Sessions and Mitch McConnell. Needless to say, it was not an exciting weekend for the Sunday political programs. Republican 2012 hopeful Tim Pawlenty did bring a bit of spice to the day’s news though with his appearance on Meet the Press. I think the fact that I said Pawlenty provided the “spice” should probably tell you all you need to know about what you might have missed.