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Senator: Climate Change Could Put Sports Stadiums in Jeopardy

Titans LP Field Under Water

I caught this headline over at Drudge and was all but compelled to have a look – “Senator: Sea-Level Rise Threatens Sports Stadiums.” I guess Charles Krauthammer was right. Matt Drudge is the “greatest headline writer in the history of mankind.” But the real credit goes to Sean Long over at CNSNEWS for sharing the story; and to Senator Sheldon Whitehouse for appealing to the passions of the American sports community to help drive his clima-scare agenda. Quite brilliant, actually.

Tom Friedman on Raising the Gas Tax? – Absolutely (VIDEO)

Tom Friedman The World is Flat

“Absolutely. We’ve got to find a way to diminish use and encourage use of renewables.” Continuing the Sunday theme of strangely composed panel and round table discussions, Meet the Press tapped New York Times columnists David Brooks and Tom Friedman as well as former Tennessee Congressman Harold Ford, Jr. for a discussion of the weekly hot button topics. And they threw in Morning Joe Scarborough, sidekick Mika Brzezinski, and author John Meacham for good measure. Since David Gregory was on vacation, Scarborough ran the panel. A discussion of gas prices and their potential impact on 2012 elections ensued, and Tom Friedman used the opportunity to remind us that he’s written a book, or two. The real attention grabber came at the end of his self-promoting rant. SCARBOROUGH: How big of an issue are gas prices going to be moving forward through the Fall?

Right Wing Extremists: January 29, 2011

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Another Global Warming Miscalculation Confession

Global warming alarmists were dealt another blow this weekend by the most recent in a series of “admissions” that scientific data regarding the “man-made” phenomena may have been inaccurate or at least poorly calculated. You’ll be happy to know that there are no email controversies or general lack of fundamental office skills to blame for this one either. The scientists behind the aspect of global climate change theory that predicted a catastrophic rise in seal levels by 2100 are now “admitting” that their findings may have been somewhat inaccurate due to “one miscalculation” and a failure to “allow fully for temperature change over the past 2,000 years.”

In a state of obvious shame, the scientists have retracted the paper that revealed the pending environmental disaster and will “invest in the further work needed to correct the mistakes.”

Key Global Warming Scientist Says NO Warming Since 1995

Before we dive too deeply into this story, I should acknowledge two points. While I don’t buy into the whole “People are terrible… We’re burning up the planet and have to free ourselves of all the perks of innovation and technology thing… I do believe that our presence as a People on this wonderful little planet is and will continue to leave a mark. That being said, so too does the cow population, and until we can get them to limit their “bovine gas emissions” I’m holding on to the gas-powered car and the BBQ grill.

All that being said, this is one hell of a story. Professor Phil Jones – a scientist at the center of the Global Warming debate and the Climate Gate email fiasco told the BBC yesterday there was “truth in the observations of colleagues that he lacked organizational skills, that his office was swamped with piles of paper and that his record keeping is ‘not as good as it should be” according to Daily Mail. It appears that scientists were far more concerned with turning out the numbers and producing the headlines than they were with actually keeping credible records to support their “findings.”

President Obama Talks the other GW with Al Gore

Yes, I am sure that there were a few jabs directed at GW – as in the 43rd President when former Vice President Al Gore met with President Obama in a closed door meeting at the White House yesterday, but the topic on the table was “global warming.” Yes, I know we are supposed to call it “climate change” these days, but in light of “climategate” I think some of the rules deserve to be rewritten. Gore was reportedly tapped to “prep” the President before his trip to Copenhagen next week to join the Global Climate Change Summit.

Even Jon Stewart is on Top of ClimateGate

Since the major networks won’t report on the issue, many of us have to turn to unusual sources for news on the budding “ClimateGate” scandal in which scientist’s emails have been revealed that show they doctored the evidence of their findings on Global Warming. When in need of said alternative sources, we often turn to the foreign press or to the blog world to find what we are looking for but from time to time, we can turn to unusual sources like Jon Stewart and the Daily Show when what we get from ABC, CBS, and NBC is lacking.