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Ron Paul US Policy Makers Contributed to 9/11 (VIDEO)

Ron Paul Face the Nation

Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) once again stole headlines Sunday in an appearance on Face the Nation with Bob Schieffer where he was asked to weigh in once again on foreign policy matters both past and present. Out of the gates, Schieffer asked Paul to defend past comments the candidate has made regarding 9/11 and US foreign policy sharing part of the “blame” for that horrific tragedy. Paul doubled down – like only he can do.

Ann Coulter to Laura Ingraham Sarah Palin is the Obama of the Tea Party (VIDEO)

Republican Women

Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham talking Sarah Palin… What could go wrong? I’ve posted the video for you below and I’d encourage you to watch it – not because there’s anything earth-shattering therein, but because I do believe it may be evidence of the first time a pair of major right-wing pundettes were willing to go on record being “critical” of Sarah Palin. I’ll leave to you whether they were really being all that “critical”; but considering the force that is Palin nation, I think it’s fair to assume that many of you will see their commentary as rising to that level.

Palin’s Out for Indiana Tea Party Rally; O’Donnell’s Out; Palin’s In; Palin’s Not Out?

Iowa Tea Party

Palin’s Out for Indiana Tea Party Rally; O’Donnell’s Out; Palin’s In; Palin’s Not Out? – I repeat not to emphasize the headline there but only for the opportunity to add a resounding “WTF?” at the end of it for good measure. I’d say – who really cares? But we all know oh too many of us care. So here’s the short of it. For weeks now, we’ve been hearing about Sarah Palin’s big September 3rd speech in Iowa. As is the case with every Sarah Palin move, speculation about her intentions and motivations has driven much of the coverage. Will it be “the announcement” speech? Will it be the first leg in an announcement tour? Will it be nothing more than another crowd-stirring appearance from the former governor in support of a grassroots initiative/group? Who knows?

Sarah Palin Headed to New Hampshire Following Iowa Tea Party Rally?

Sarah Palin Photos

High level Iowa Republicans tell TheIowaRepublican.com that Sarah Palin will fly to New Hampshire following her September 3rd appearance in central Iowa. Speculation has been swirling about whether or not Palin will use her Iowa appearance in Iowa over Labor Day weekend to join the field of Republican candidates. The news that Palin is New Hampshire bound after her Iowa speech will only add to the speculation that she may be entering the Republican presidential field.

Rick Perry on the Campaign Trail (VIDEO)

Rick Perry Iowa State Fair Photo

Texas Governor Rick Perry has set the Republican Presidential Field on fire by coming out of the gates in a blaze of glory and has injected both passion and excitement into a field that left most right-wingers wanting. After “snubbing” Iowans with a weekend South Carolina announcement, he quickly mended fences by putting in the retail politicking work in the Hawkeye State and even upstaging Congresswoman Bachmann in her own “hometown.” He then rounded out the Iowa opening performance by putting in the time at the Iowa State Fair, took a few shots at Romney, and began laying the groundwork for preparing Republican voters for the idea of another Texan in the White House.

Tim Pawlenty Drops Out of Presidential Race After Finishing Distant Third at Ames

Tim Pawlenty Jake Tapper This Week

Former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty told ABC’s Jake Tapper Sunday morning that he has decided to end his bid for the Republican nomination after a third place showing in Saturday’s Ames Straw Poll. Somewhat fittingly, Congresswoman Bachmann – who won the straw poll – followed Pawlenty with Tapper and was awkwardly forced to compliment her Minnesota rival as he made his exit.

The Most Pro-Sarah Palin Post I’ve Ever Written

Sarah Palin Iowa photo

For anyone that’s ever stumbled over here or caught wind of a T Christopher Republican Redefined Sarah Palin post, you probably know I’m not exactly a “fan” of the Former Alaska Governor. Call it a flaw (many have), call it a weakness (many have), call it something worse (many have), I just can’t find it in me to get on the Palin bandwagon. I appreciate her place in our Party and in the conservative movement as a whole. I agree with her on just about every issue. I’ll spare you the other side for now so don’t be clever and ask. Remember, this is supposed to be the most Pro-Palin post I’ve ever written?