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Sarah Palin’s Headed to Iowa or Something

Sarah Palin Iowa State Fair

Sarah Palin’s bus tour is getting back on the road – this time headed right back into the heartland. Destination: Iowa. Iowa? Isn’t something else going on in Iowa this weekend? A state fair? Hawkeyes’ Spring football practice? A Republican Presidential Debate? A pivotal “straw poll?”

Who is Herman Cain (Video); Candidate Cain on the Campaign Trail

Herman Cain for President Image

The Herman Cain camp has released a new video advertisement and I have to say, it’s really quite effective. I mean, I’m no Luntz; but I think this video is going to hit home with the type of voter who has been longing for a Herman Cain-type candidate. Again, I’m no pollster, but I can’t help but believe there are a lot of those folks out there. A pro-business conservative with a formidable resume of success, a firm grasp of economic policy, and the backbone to take controversial and unpopular positions? What’s not to like about that?

A Few Thoughts on the Iowa Family Leader Pledge: Bachmann Signed it, Who’s Next?

Republican Primary Conservative Pledge

This piece of brilliance “The Marriage Vow – A Declaration of Dependence upon Marriage and Family” being floated around by a socially conservative group THE FAMILY LEADER in Iowa. They call it their “Candidate Pledge Document.” Accordingly, they will not support or endorse any candidate that does not sign it. Michele Bachmann was the first to put pen to paper. The rest are expected to follow suit; although, I feel certain most will not.

Sarah Palin “Undefeated” Movie Trailer

Here it is folks. The summer blockbuster you’ve all been waiting for – Undefeated – the documentary on Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. I’m still not sure what I think about this, but I can tell you that I’ll be sure to watch it. May have to go to Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, or one of those other non-political states to catch it – since this thing’s not about publicity and will only open in a limited number of venues.

Michele Bachmann to Form Presidential Exploratory Committee, Tells ABC “Im In”

(March 11, 2011 - Photo by Darren McCollester/Getty Images North America)

Representative Michele Bachmann is certainly turning a few heads with her increased flirtations with a run at the White House. Two “exclusives” unveiled today tell a very similar story of a congresswoman seriously considering a challenge for the Republican nomination. CNN reports that Bachmann is in the process of forming an exploratory committee, and ABC News has an interview with the Tea Party darling in which she says “I’m in”… if…

Mitch Daniels Clarifies and Defends “Truce” on Social Issues Remarks (Videos)

mitch daniels

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels made an appearance on Meet the Press Sunday. He discussed a variety of issues and subjects, but most compelling was when the focus shifted to 2012, his future aspirations, and his take on “social issues” and conservative governance. I’ve posted the video below, but I thought these remarks were the most telling of the entire interview. Daniels has been catching some heat on the Right for saying the next president may have to call for a “truce on social issues.” Here’s his reaction to his critics.

Sharron Angle in Iowa… For a “Religious” Movie Premier. Thank God

Sharron Angle made a brief appearance in Iowa Wednesday night. I said Sharon Angle made an appearance in Iowa Wednesday night!! Just making sure you were with me. Yes, the Tea Party candidate that attempted to retire Harry Reid for Nevada and the rest of us made an appearance in Iowa. But no, she was not there “testing the water” for 2012 even though she wouldn’t “rule out a presidential bid.” Thank God.

Michele Bachmann to Run for President?

Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann may be flirting with the idea of seeking the Republican nomination to challenge Barack Obama in 2012 for the White House according to ABC News. While many had been speculating that she was weighing the possibility of a run at the Senate, it appears she may have her sights set on a more important gig. According to the ABC report, Bachmann has about $3million in her campaign war chest left over from her re-election bid and plans to head to Iowa for the third time later this month for exploratory meetings. Bachmann, a native Iowan, is also set to deliver the keynote speech at a Tax Relief PAC fundraiser on her visit.