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Iran 1…Obama 0: Iranian Victory in Geneva

The UN Security Council + Germany met with Iran this week in Geneva to discuss the nation’s nuclear enrichment program. It was a much anticipated meeting that was promised originally on the Obama campaign trail though masked in different terms at the time. Tension had been building between the US and Iran over the last few months as Iran has repeatedly been publicly defiant and almost provocative regarding its nuclear program. While many saw these talks as a way for the Iranians to simply stall, there were some who believed that real progress would come from sitting down at the table with the rogue state.

Obama Goes Nose to Nose With Iran Tomorrow

The big day is almost here. Tomorrow President Obama will sit down with Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Geneva. Leaders from Russia, China, Great Britain, France, and Germany will also be in attendance, but there is no doubt that this is a standoff between the new American President and Ahmadinejad. Months of rhetoric and evasive maneuvers have given way to defiance. The Iranian leader has raised the stakes a number of times with missile tests and strong statements directed at the United States and it European allies. So what is to be expected of this meeting?

Iran Says Secret Nuclear Site Is Off The Table

In an effort to further frustrate scheduled disarmament talks, reports out of Iran today say that the rogue nation will not discuss its secret nuclear facility when it meets with the Security Council and Germany on Thursday in Geneva.

There is no official position at this point as to why “nuclear” sites would be off limits in a negotiation centered upon “nuclear” facilities, but it does appear that Iran will be coming to the table with all its “weapons” in tow. Russia has further complicated the matter today as well with a statement by a top official that Iran’s testing of short and medium range missiles should have no impact on the scheduled meeting.

On The Verge Of A Global Arms Race?

I am certainly not predicting that we are heading toward global armageddon or worldwide oblideration at the hands of weapons of mass destruction, but it is extremely alarming that in an era where so many nations have a stake in the game we are the only nation that is talking about nonproliferation and disarmament.

Since the creation of the nuclear bomb – well actually since the moment that a second nation other than the United States got the thing, we have been of the mindset that the greatest deterrant to them ever being used was the threat of MAD Mutually Assured Destruction. It is what allowed cooler heads to prevail throughout the Cold War and it is what keeps Russia hanging on to the belief that it is still a “superpower.”

Candidates Obama and McCain on Iran

McCain had a bit of trouble saying the Iranian leader, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s name, but he did draw out a fundamental position that appears to be blowing up in the President’s face in the current hour. Obama’s rebuttal lays out his plan for building alliances to counter the rogue nation’s actions at a later date.

Day Two of Missile Tests in Iran

As anticipated, Iran took the tension that has been mounting their region to an even higher level in the last 24 hours. After test-firing a series of short range missiles yesterday, they began their Monday with a test of a long range surface-to-surface missile that is capable of reaching US interests in the region.

Just days before Iran is to sit down with the US and other world powers to discuss its weapons program, Iran appears willing and able to call anyone’s bluff.


While Americans were resting last evening, Iran took the standoff in the Gulf Region to a whole new level. In a move that was clearly aimed at demonstrating more defiance than military strength, Iran’s Republican Guard test-fired an array of short range missiles and is planning to test longer range missiles later this week that are capable of reaching Israel.

Second Nuclear Site in Iran Revealed

Even though the President went to Pittsburgh to discuss economic matters with the leaders of the G20, it appears that financial concerns weren’t the only topics being discussed. The New York Times and the Associated Press are reporting as was the case at the UN meeting this week, much time has been spent briefing world leaders on the true state of Iranian nuclear progress.

New revelations that Iran has constructed a second nuclear site buried deep in a mountain appears to have caught the attention of many. Although the administration is saying that they have known about the site for years, they are just now sharing this information with our allies.

Who Keeps Giving These People Microphones?

After a long day of even longer speeches, the evening portion of the United Nations General Assembly began with a speech by Iranian President Mohmoud Ahmadinejad. He has been in the news quite a bit leading up to the meeting of world leaders with statements of hostility toward Israel as well as claims that the Holocaust was a fraud perpetrated by the “Jews.”

Because of these statements, reports were that there would be some nations who would boycott the speech. Among them were Israel and Germany who’s spokesmen said they would walk out the instant he continued on a path referencing the Holocast and urged all European states to do the same.

Qadaffi at the UN – Conspiracy Theorists Unite

Ok I should clear up at the outset that he didn’t “follow” President Obama – that would be weird and he probably would have been shot. He followed him in the speaking order today at the UN because Libya is currently the President of the General Assembly which gives them the right to follow the host nation. There were immense concerns that the Libyan dictator would make an attempt to approach the President, but luckily for all, Qadaffi heeded our advanced warnings that such a gesture would be unacceptable.

What was unexpected and did occur was the event that immediately followed President Obama’s speech to the UN. As the president departed, a protest began on the floor of the UN. It is an unusual event in a forum that is traditionally scripted and mundane. Apparently the protest of world leaders refused to come to order to allow Qadaffi to speak.

Qadaffi arrived at the UN this morning waving to the crowd and offering signs of peace for everyone in attendance. Somewhat ironic that this nut even knows what that hand signal means. Tension is extremely high between Qadaffi and the White House as reports have leaked that the President expressly told Libya “not” to welcome the Lockerbie bomber upon his release from prison last month. Since Qadaffi openly violated this “order” the President has reportedly grown concerned that Qadaffi may become an increasing threat.

When Qadaffi finally approached the podium to address the UN body, he was met with applause barely audible. He began by saying that he believed this meeting would be a “historic one.” He should have said that his speech would be historically boring and ridiculous at the outset. it would have been more fitting.

He then went into a diatribe about the history of the United Nations. He appeared to be responding to parts of the President’s speech that focused on the creation of the world body, but he had a decidedly different version of the story. This is where he began ranting and repeating for the remainder of the speech.

Here’s the short version – you can read the longer version if you want or the full transcript if you’re crazy. Essentially, he said the UN no longer represents the intentions of the Preamble and the Charter to which all nations signed. He said the Member states and the Veto states have engaged in terrorism through their power/riches and have oppressed smaller nations and turned a blind eye to more than 60 wars with no action. He said it is not democracy – it is terrorism.

Long version. You can assume that he repeated all of this at least four times – most of it 8 or 9 times, but here’s the short/long version.

Qadaffi characterized the charter and the preamble of the UN as “what we signed.” He then said that the current UN was hypocrtical and not what he signed up for. He explained this point by saying that the Preamble states that all nations are equal – big or small. He said this was not the case. He said not all members are permanent memebers and all do not have equal power.

His primary point was that the UN became a biproduct that served the three original members who had opposed Germany in WWII. He said everything from that date has favored those nations.

The most contraversial point of the speech however arose when he spoke of agressive force. He was clearly speaking of the US as he said “these countries are members with Veto power – given to them by themselves.” He said that the wars they initiated led to millions of victims. He said 65 wars were waged without action by the UN.

No country has the right to interfere in teh soverign rights of nation – whether they are socailistic dictator or democracy. He then went on to address the Veto power. He said the four member states gave themselves this power. The only member state that got hte veto through this body was China. Their power to veto any action of this body is not in the charter we signed.

he said reform was be to “add water to make more mud.” There would just be more superpowers and would crush all small nations.

He said that the G100 – FOS forum of small states – would be crushed by the superpowers.

What is the solution? To close the admission of member states. It will be the achievement of democracy based on equality among member states. If we open the door for more countries, it will continue to spread across the globe.

He wants a permanent seat for all unions acros the globe. Latin American Union and African Union deserve to have a seat, ARab League, Islamic Conference, G100 (small countries – FOS), Russian union, Japan, Australian, maybe join another one as well. The solution is that everyone should have a seat.

This is justice, this is democracy, and will put an end to the terrorism that is a result of superpowers with nuclear weapons.

“If not maybe we will just continue fighting until Doomsday or the Day of Dawn.”

The REal Security Council will be under the control of the General Assembly. All nations will be equal as they are in the General Assembly. We should result to the vote of the General Assembly alone. Anyone who is higher and above the GA should leave and be alone. Democracy is not for the rich.

it should nto be called the Secuitty Council – it should be called the terror council. It is political feudalism.

The superpowers terrorize the 3rd world countries. Terrorism is not just Al Qaeda. It is superpowers attacking smaller ones.

Its somewhat ironic that he chose this session to go on this rant as he is currently representing a nation that is serving as the president of the General Assembly and is also a rotating member of the Security Council. this is like screaming poverty on the day youre given money.