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Tim Tebow Easter Service “We Need to Get Back to One Nation Under God” (VIDEO)

Tim Tebow Easter Sunday

Tim Tebow was hard at work Sunday morning. Recently traded to the New York Jets to serve in a backup role to starting quarterback Mark Sanchez, it may be the most significant work he does for some time, on Sundays, in more ways than one. Speaking to a congregation of thousands, Tebow took part in a Q&A session on Easter morning. Many had been reporting that Tebow would deliver a sermon. The semantic differences are really neither here nor there, but to some the distinction may be of relative import.

Tebow-Brady Bowl Takes Back Seat to Focus on the Family John 3:16 “Life” Ad (VIDEO)

Focus on the Family John 316 Commercial

While I’m willing to bet you tuned in for the Broncos-Patriots Game on CBS to see Tim Tebow and Tom Brady going head-to-head, if you’re like me, you probably lost interest somewhere on or around the first quarter and began wondering how bad the beating could be before the final whistle blew. While my mind drifted off to other things whilst watching said beatdown, I pulled up Google Trends to see how much of the top 20 was dominated by Tebow, Brady, Denver Broncos, NFL, playoffs, etc. And just as I expected, the list was overrun with Tebow-Mania and topics related to the NFL and the last-minute finish between the 49ers and the Saints… save for one. An add by Focus on the Family.

John 3:16 Tim Tebow and Demaryius Thomas Lead Denver Broncos Past Steelers

Denver Broncos Pittsburgh Steelers 2011 Playoffs

This, or any, Monday wouldn’t be complete without a heartwarming little Tim Tebow story. And since he once again had a hand a rather dramatic finish, I figured it was probably time to show Tebow a little love around here. In full disclosure, I’m anything but a Tebow fan. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of the guy. I’m just not a fan of the football player with Tebow on the back of his jersey. The Tebow hype and hyperbole is more than I can stomach; and I truly feel sorry for his teammates having to field questions about how a 10 for 21 performance was somehow “heroic.” That said, he and his Bronco teammates are compiling quite a list of unexpected and somewhat miraculous victories; and Sunday’s performance may be at or near the top.