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President Bill Clinton Meet the Press (VIDEO)

Former President Bill Clinton was the featured guest on NBC’s Meet the Press Sunday morning and he weighed in on a variety of topics from 2012 to his Clinton Global Initiative and even recent poll results that indicate a bit of buyer’s remorse for most Democrats for not choosing Hillary as the Dem-candidate in 2008. Check out his answer to the “Will Obama get re-elected” question or watch full clips of the interview below.

President Clinton on Meet the Press: Obama Can Win Re-Election If… (VIDEO)

President Bill Clinton Meet the Press

Meet the Press host David Gregory broaches the subject of handicapping Barack Obama’s re-election chances by quoting from an op-ed written by Clinton adviser James Carville in which he said it’s time for “panic.” (More on that here…) President Clinton failed to take the bait and immediately turned the conversation into a history lesson on the economic situation President Obama “inherited.” The end of that piece of story-telling brought this conclusion. “We don’t feel fixed yet, and that’s never good for an incumbent president.”

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels Meet the Press (VIDEO)

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels (R) sat down with the David Gregory fill-in Sunday on Meet the Press and discussed the GOP presidential field he passed on joining. For what it’s worth, I like Governor Daniels and respect his decision not to run. He weighed the impact on his family and chose to go another direction. That said, I wish he would have decided to run; but because he chose not to, I’m fairly certain I could not care any less about his thoughts on the current field.

Clips From the Sunday Circuit: July 24, 2011

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Debt ceiling, debt ceiling, debt ceiling… The weekly clip-summary of the Sunday political show circuit was devoted to the ongoing negotiations between Congressional Republicans and the White House over raising our nation’s debt ceiling and finding a way to curb out-of-control government spending. It seems that Republicans are to blame and “compromise” is the dirty word that everyone on these panels think we need to throw around with more regularity. Since they’re in the business of advocating the use of “profanity” and Democrats are “Jackasses”… Andrea Mitchell is a dumb-ass; Tim Geithner is a wise-ass; and Tom Daschle is just a plain old-ass. Oh, Senator Richard Durbin’s a “dick.”

Clips From the Sunday Circuit: July 17, 2011

sunday shows meet the press, face the nation, this week, fox news sunday

Time again for the weekly clip summary of the Sunday political show circuit. With the debt ceiling debate serving as the backdrop for the usual political spin, 2012, Islam, and a host of other issues managed to find their way into the commentary. Anything but an “exciting” week for the circuit, but here it is all the same…

Clips From the Sunday Circuit: July 10, 2011

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Time again for the weekly clip-summary of Sunday’s political television circuit. No real surprises here regarding topics discussed. The White House had its Chief of Staff and its Treasury Secretary out making the rounds to sell President Obama’s position on the debt ceiling debate and Republicans sent the “big boys” – Senator Sessions and Mitch McConnell. Needless to say, it was not an exciting weekend for the Sunday political programs. Republican 2012 hopeful Tim Pawlenty did bring a bit of spice to the day’s news though with his appearance on Meet the Press. I think the fact that I said Pawlenty provided the “spice” should probably tell you all you need to know about what you might have missed.