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John McCain – “I Condemn the Supreme Court for Citizens United; There Will be a Scandal”

John McCain Meet the Press

On NBC’s Meet the Press with David Gregory Sunday, Arizona Senator John McCain “guaranteed” that the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United will ultimately lead to a “scandal” involving “foreign money… or the way the money was raised.” McCain’s “guarantee” – which will no doubt be proven true by time and the mere fact that dirty politics extend to every branch of the tree of politics – followed a rant where he condemned Super PAC’s and The Supreme Court of the United States for its ruling in Citizens United.

Fred Thompson, John McCain on Meet the Press (VIDEO)

Fred Thompson John McCain

Former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson and Arizona Senator John McCain shared the spotlight Sunday on Meet the Press with David Gregory to publicly support/defend their chosen candidates for president – Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney respectively. While I’m not absolutely certain that any one topic was fully debated, the pair did manage to touch on a rather substantial list of hot button headlines – Sarah Palin/Bob Dole remarks about Newt Gingrich, Citizens United and the proliferation of SuperPAC’s, electability, Romney’s position on ObamaCare, the Florida Primary, and the Newt versus the “establishment” battle that more or less involved each of the aforementioned topics.

Donald Trump on GOP “Nastiness”, “Hatred” and Potential Independent Run

Donald Trump Face the Nation

Donald Trump on Face the Nation – what’s the worst that can happen? The Trumpster once again weighing in on presidential politics and flirting with a run at the White House. Double awesome, right? I’ll wait for the laughing to subside… But yes, Donald Trump is back at it yet again. He says he’s still not ruled out a presidential run and says he’d probably still be in the race if not for his television show The Apprentice – because you know he was “doing pretty well in the polls.”

Newt Gingrich – This is Going All the Way to the Convention (VIDEO)

Newt Gingrich Interview This Week

Newt Gingrich says he’s in it to win it – all the way to the convention. Despite poll numbers that show Governor Mitt Romney pulling out to substantial margins in Florida, the Former Speaker appears supremely confident that the conservative base is inevitably going to coalesce around his candidacy and lead him to the nomination over the candidate he is now referring to as the “Massachusetts Liberal.” Just in case you’re keeping score at home, that’s a step beyond calling him the “Massachusetts Moderate.” I’ll leave to your better judgment whether there is really any difference between the two.

John Boehner on This Week – Obama’s Politics Made of Division and Envy (VIDEO)

John Boehner This Week 2

Speaker of the House John Boehner sat down with George Stephanopoulos fill-in Jake Tapper Sunday on This Week and was asked to weigh in on a variety of topics ranging from the resignation of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords to the GOP field and the Keystone Pipeline. It would be more than dishonest to say that anything game-changing or even newsworthy came out of the interview, but he is the Speaker of the House, so here you go.

Gingrich: Romney Camp Stacked the Audience at CNN Florida Debate

Newt Gingrich Mitt Romney Debate

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich threatened after NBC’s debate Monday night that he would not participate in future debates if audiences were told beforehand to remain silent. Well it seems he may be looking to walk that threat back a bit now as Pro-Romney supporters clearly outnumbered the Gingrich kind Thursday night in CNN’s attempt at hosting the 19th GOP debate of the primary season – so much so, that the Gingrich camp is claiming the audience must have been stacked.

Senator Bob Corker Hopes State of the Union is About “Big Issues”, Not Campaign Politics

Bob Corker State of the Union

Tennessee Senator Bob Corker says he knows State of the Union Addresses are typically happy-talk-poll-tested statements; but he hopes tonight’s presidential address is not that or simply another “campaign message.” Instead, Senator Corker hopes the president will “take the opportunity to address the really big issues that our country is facing” because he says the “greatness of our nation is dissipating” as we continue to put off the big decisions until after the next election.

Newt Gingrich to Skip Future Debates if Audience Can’t Cheer, Boo, Participate

Newt Gingrich Debate

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich says he won’t be participating in future debates unless the audience is allowed to chant, cheer, and/or boo. Anyone buying that? Didn’t think so. Considering his rise to the front of the pack can largely be attributed to his performance in debates… and the fact that he’s a bazillion dollars behind Mitt Romney in the fundraising department – in spite of where he may be sitting in the polls – I think it’s probably safe to say he won’t be skipping any events that offer him the opportunity for free air time with a national audience; but it sure is nice of Newt to look out for the little guy.

A Lot Can Happen in 1000 Days Without a Budget

President Obama Harry Reid National Debt

As you all know, beloved President Obama is set to deliver his State of the Union Address this evening and share with the world his plan for 2012 – also known as his re-election platform; his plan to blame a “Republican Congress” for all that ails the economy / this country; and his strategy for continuing this great nation on a path toward total economic destruction. What you might not know is that today also marks a very important anniversary, of sorts. Today, January 24, 2012, is the 1000th day the government of this great nation will operate without a federal budget.

Solar Flares, Solar Eruptions, Geomagnetic Storms to Hit Earth – You Know, the Usual Tuesday

Solar Flares

Rarely do I get excited about this kind of news as I rarely hear about it, rarely understand what they’re talking about when I do, and even more rarely notice the side effects of whatever cataclysmic event they purport to warn us about. Because of that reality and my limited understanding of such things, I share this story with the caveat that I have absolutely no idea what they are talking about beyond what I’ve seen in movies and have learned about from watching theoretical physicist Michio Kaku on the Discovery Channel. Either way, here you go.