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Newt Gingrich “The Establishment is Right to Be Worried About a Gingrich Nomination”

Newt Gingrich Meet the Press

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich made an appearance on Meet the Press with David Gregory the morning after winning the South Carolina primary and attempted to build upon the message that made him victorious in the nation’s first Southern primary. Speaker Gingrich said there were two “really big messages” he took away from his primary victory… 1) Real Pain – Unemployment and economic hardship are on the minds of 2012 voters and they intend to vote for the candidate they believe is best suited to address those concerns. 2) The level of anger at the national establishment – “People are sick and tired of being told what they are supposed to think; what they are supposed to say.”

Joe Paterno: Dead at 85

Joe Paterno

Coaching legend and face of Penn State Football, Joe Paterno, died Sunday morning at the age of 85. He had been privately fighting Cancer while publicly fighting the perception that he sat idly by while Former Defensive Coordinator Jerry Sandusky engaged in allegedly criminal and immoral acts with children on the Penn State Campus. It’s a sad reality that the two stories remain a part of Paterno’s legacy. In a perfect world, amassing more wins that any coach in major college football history would be the only headline one reads this Sunday morning. Sadly, things he did or didn’t do off the football field are will keep that perfect world from being the one we live in.

Rick Santorum “Three states; three winners; what a great country!!”(VIDEO)

Rick Santorum South Carolina

“Three states; three winners; what a great country!!” Can you say not-so-subtle-reminder…? Yes, Senator Santorum, we know you technically won Iowa, but that’s kinda “last week.” In fairness, I couldn’t agree more with the third place finisher in South Carolina. I can’t begin to tell you how much I was dreading Mitt Romney wrapping this thing up after Florida. The guy would have been a full-blown Democrat by Easter.

Mitt Romney “It’s Gonna be a Looong Primary Season” (VIDEO)

Mitt Romney South Carolina

Former Massachusetts Governor and supposed “front-runner” heading into South Carolina, Mitt Romney, finished a distant second behind Newt Gingrich Saturday night instantly changing the race for the GOP nomination. Addressing his supporters after Gingrich was declared the winner, Romney prepared the audience for a “long” primary contest. “We’re now three contests into a looong primary season… We’ve still got a long way to go and a lot-a work to do.”

Charles Krauthammer: “Lazarus only had to rise once… Gingrich has now risen twice.”

Charles Krauthammer

Fox News has yet to post the video, but I had to share this here (and on Twitter) just in case you missed it. By the way, if you’re not following me on Twitter, get to it. My “follower” count is looking rather pathetic. Thanks. As the “All Star Panel” discussed Newt Gingrich’s victory, conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer shared a few thoughts on Gingrich and his peak and valley campaign. Krauthammer said “moments” can change an election and suggested that Gingrich’s moment came when he confronted CNN’s King in Thursday’s debate. He went on to say that if Gingrich wins the White House, he will no doubt have a gilded seat saved for King in the WH Briefing Room for his role in getting him there. Commenting on the fact that most have counted Gingrich out on more than one occasion along the way, Krauthammer quipped, “Lazarus only had to rise once. Gingrich has now risen twice.” When pushed to admit that he too had counted Gingrich out, CK said “I am fallible. I lack what the pope has.”‘

Newt Gingrich Wins South Carolina Republican Primary

Newt Gingrich South Carolina

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich has won the South Carolina Republican Primary with Governor Mitt Romney coming in second and Senator Rick Santorum projected to come in third. Both Fox News and CNN called the victory for Gingrich with just over 1% of precincts reporting. Apparently they have some calculus that combines exit polling, demographics, American Idol phone-in votes, and Anderson Cooper’s Twitter account which allows them to call things when only a fraction of the votes are reported.

Chuck Norris Endorses Newt Gingrich for President

Chuck Norris Newt Gingrich

I’ll spare you the “The reason Newt Gingrich can save America / The world because Chuck Norris said so” lines and cut right to the chase. Chuck Norris endorsed Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich for president. Awesome, right? Yeah, I didn’t think so either. Don’t get me wrong, my lack of excitement really has very little to do with Chuck Norris. I hate celebrity endorsement regardless of where they may come from. I’m sure a Chuck Norris endorsement would excite me if even an ounce of me cared what actors thought about politics – well, that and if Chuck Norris wasn’t old before I could see an R rated movie.

US Soccer Kicks Off 2012 Campaign in Friendly with Venezuela

United States Gold Cup Panama

US Soccer is set to kick off its 2012 campaign today in an international friendly with Venezuela at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. A second match with Panama will follow on Wednesday in Panama. The Venezuela match also marks the start of the first full season under former German National standout and newly minted National Team Head Coach Jurgen Klinsmann – who had a somewhat unimpressive start to his tenure with US Soccer. Arizona has been friendly to the Men’s side historically, and the side will certainly need any boost available with a roster Klinsmann has described as a group of second-tier players competing for positions backing up the back-ups.

Saturday Morning Reading: January 21, 2012

With South Carolina primary results set to start rolling in around the same time the Men’s National Soccer Team kicks off its 2012 campaign in a match Venezuela, I have to admit I’m a little torn. Do I watch “The Yanks” on some combination of ESPN3 and Galavision (because the latter’s not in English and the former’s the Internet version of the network that will probably be showing “professional” bowling); or do I tune in for hours of “breaking news” from South Carolina as precincts report on Fox News? I think you know which way I’ll probably go with this one.