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Right Wing Extremists: March 13, 2012

I blog because I enjoy it. To say that I’ve enjoyed blogging the last several days would do a great disservice to the word enjoyment… and just about any other word with positive connotation. Because of that, posts have been coming at a snail’s pace around here; and I do apologize to the folks that venture over this way in search of “news” and whatever it is one typically comes here to find. That said, I have thoroughly enjoyed watching my right-wing brethren navigate their way through this relative news suck week; so I will share a few of the best and brightest I came across along the way.

Right Wing Extremists: January 13, 2012

Republican Conservative Blogs

It’s been a while, so I figured there was no time like the present to share a few links from the best and the brightest of the right-wing universe. Quite a few new first timers here as well. One point worth noting on the Republican primary front… Pretty broad range of support for most of the candidates still remaining in the field. While I don’t think I’ve included anyone swapping spit with Jon Huntsman, I’m fairly certain the rest of the field has at least one supporter among this distinguished group of right wing patriots.