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Ron Paul Takes Third in Iowa Caucus

Ron Paul Iowa Caucus

Congressman Ron Paul quietly cruised to a third place finish in Iowa Tuesday night gaining 21% (more than 26,000) of the votes. I say “quietly” not because the Paul camp is ever really “quiet” about anything, but because the close race at the top all but overshadowed the fact that the Texas Congressman cemented his place as a player in this race going forward.

Rick Perry to Return to Texas and Assess Campaign After Fifth Place Iowa Caucus Finish

Iowa Caucus

Texas Governor Rick Perry will return to Texas to reassess his campaign’s future after a disappointing fifth place finish in Tuesday’s Iowa Caucus. Conventional wisdom says he’s out; but my gut says he may hang in this thing through South Carolina. Think about it. Why do candidates for president actually drop out? Cash and preserving one’s status for a future run. Perry’s got the cash and any chance he’d ever have at taking another crack at this is probably shot because all that anyone will remember 4 or 8 years from now is how bad he was in debates. A good showing in South Carolina and the chance to continue to rebuild his reputation as a real player may be worth continuing along the campaign trail – even if he’s realized victory will not be coming in this election cycle.

Sarah Palin Likes Santorum, Won’t Endorse Him, Not Bachmann’s Time, Huntsman Should Get Out, Draft Palin Write-Ins A Possibility (VIDEO)

Sarah Palin 2012

In an interview with Eric Bolling on Fox News Monday night, Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin weighed in on Tuesday’s Iowa caucuses, the GOP field, “Draft Palin” rumors, and her thoughts on being tapped for VP or potential Cabinet positions. The interview spanned some 18 minutes and covered just about everything from Iran to Donald Trump and Ron Paul’s third party flirtations. For those waiting for Sarah Palin to inject herself in this race… you got it, well sort of.

Deadliest Navy Seal Sniper in US History Releases a Book? Must Read


Saw this yesterday, but failed to get around to sharing it because I was “busy” watching my Buckeyes lose to the Florida Gators in the flipping Gator Bowl. Either way, this book looks more than interesting and may be among the first I “plan” to read in 2012. A Navy SEAL with more kills than any other sniper in the history of the US military writes a book… yeah, I think that’s worth a read.

Mark Levin to Campaign Against Rand Paul if Ron Goes Third Party

Ron Rand Paul

There are few people in the Right-wing political universe with as much clout as conservative talker Mark Levin; so it’s news when he says he’s going to campaign against a fellow right-winger. When he says he’s going to campaign against a Tea Party darling, it’s more than news. It’s Armageddon. And that’s precisely what Levin says he is more than prepared for should Ron Paul decide to abandon the Republican Party and launch a third party run if his bid for the GOP nomination goes begging. And Levin’s not stopping there. He says if Ron Paul goes third party, he’ll go after his family, too.

The 25 “Poorest” Members of Congress

Kristi Noem, Sean Duffy, John Conyers

There may be something wrong with me, but I get a kick out of seeing lists like this. Remember a few weeks ago when everyone was fired up about how wealthy our elected representatives are/were collectively? Well, this is a list of the 25 men and women that served as a drag on those figures… sort of. Let’s just be real about it. None of them are starving. As soon as you crack the top 20 here, you start talking about figures in the $80k+ range – not exactly “poor” by any measure. And even the “poorest” among them got a pretty hefty raise once they took office. Still, for others, it was more than a minor pay cut.

Reagan Economist and Supply-Sider Art Laffer Endorses Newt Gingrich for President

Laffer Curve

Ronald Reagan economist and father of The Laugher Curve Art Laffer has decided to endorse Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich and will officially endorse the GOP hopeful Thursday in Iowa. The supply-side guru had previously supported Herman Cain and his 9-9-9 plan; so the Gingrich camp is no doubt hoping this endorsement will lead to a decidedly different result than that which befell Mr. Cain.