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Colbert Super PAC “Mitt the Ripper” Romney Attack Ad (VIDEO)

Stephen Colbert Super PAC

Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart have officially taken their political comedy bit to unprecedented levels releasing an attack ad targeting Mitt Romney in South Carolina entitled, “Attack In B Minor For Strings.” Courtesy of “Americans For A Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow” the Colbert-turned-Stewart-run super PAC known as “The Definitely NOT Coordinating with Stepehen Colbert Super PAC” is launching a full-scale attack on Republican front-runner Mitt Romney as the pair of Comedy Central comedians continue their mission to shed light on how utterly ridiculous campaign finance laws have become in the wake of Citizens United and Congress’s absolute dereliction of duty in failing to address the problem with a permanent and workable solution.

Right Wing Extremists: January 13, 2012

Republican Conservative Blogs

It’s been a while, so I figured there was no time like the present to share a few links from the best and the brightest of the right-wing universe. Quite a few new first timers here as well. One point worth noting on the Republican primary front… Pretty broad range of support for most of the candidates still remaining in the field. While I don’t think I’ve included anyone swapping spit with Jon Huntsman, I’m fairly certain the rest of the field has at least one supporter among this distinguished group of right wing patriots.

Mitt Romney Wins New Hampshire, Makes History

Mitt Romney for President

“Tonight we made history!” That was the opening line from Governor Mitt Romney after claiming victory in New Hampshire Tuesday night; and perhaps, also the most telling story of the still-young primary contest. The Republican front-runner – that we’re told nobody wants – just became the first Republican candidate (non-incumbent) to win both Iowa and New Hampshire since Gerald Ford. Stop the presses.

Newt Gingrich: Limps to Another Fourth Place Finish in New Hampshire

New Hampshire Primary

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich limped to another fourth place finish Tuesday night in New Hampshire capturing just 9% of the vote. That number looks all the more unimpressive when compared to front-runner Mitt Romney’s haul of 39%. It seems that a week spent hammering the “Massachusetts Moderate” was not enough to give the Architect of the Contract with America a surge in the Granite State. One can only wonder if Gingrich will continue his New Hampshire strategy once his campaign sets up shop in South Carolina and prepares for two pivotal debates there next week.

Ron Paul Takes Second in New Hampshire “We Are Dangerous to the Status Quo”

Ron Paul New Hampshire

Congressman Ron Paul posted another impressive result in New Hampshire Tuesday finishing second and gaining 23% of the vote. I’ve posted the video of his post-primary speech below and I’d encourage you to watch it – even if you are not a Ron Paul supporter. What you will see, hear, and feel when you watch that video is passion. Passion from the candidate and passion from his supporters. Ron Paul and I come from two very different worlds, ideologically speaking, but every ounce of me respects what he and his supporters are doing/accomplishing.

A Few New Hampshire Primary Predictions, Just Because

GOP Debate

Just because it seems more folks here on the Internet and around the world of political punditry appear more willing to play Monday (Wednesday) morning quarterback suddenly blessed with all the answers, I thought I’d share a few predictions here for the record regarding New Hampshire’s “pivotal” primary currently underway – before the results roll in.

Mitt Romney Fox News Sunday (VIDEO)

Mitt Romney Fox News Sunday

I was caught up in the circus that is the run-up to Christmas, so while I watched the Sunday morning political shows on the DVR, I failed to sneak a minute to comment on anything therein. Either way, since I know some of you go searching for content from those ridiculous programs we all love to hate; here you go. Mitt Romney’s first Sunday morning interview in an eternity – Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace.