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Angry Right Wing Housewife Protests SEIU

“Shame on SEIU. Shame on you for boycotting Arizona.” That was the rallying cry of one woman staging a one-woman protest against the big labor giant SEIU. The video of her two-hour protest is on the verge of going viral, and with Fox News’s Megyn Kelly interviewing “Judy” today on America Live, it surely will by day’s end. Have a look.

Iran is NOW a Nuclear State Says Ahmadinejad

Was this the “harsh blow to global arrogance?” Mahmoud Ahmadinejad delivered a speech to the Iranian people today at a celebration of the 31st Anniversary of the Islamic Revolution boasting of its recent nuclear achievements and offering criticisms of the United States and its allies. The Iranian President told the gathered crowd of thousands in Tehran’s Azadi Square (ironically “freedom square”) that the rogue nation is now capable of enriching Uranium to 20% and has the capability to take enrichment to 80% – the minimum level necessary for weapons’ grade material. But calm your troubled heart Israeli people – even though he has promised to wipe you off the map, he said today that they have no intention of forging on to 80% – because “we do not need it.”

Terrorism or Protest?

Did these idiots not get the memo that we have had an outbreak of terrorist plots foiled this past week? I am a proud supporter of the 1st Amendment and have not enjoyed listening to many conserative pundits gripe about these demonstrations today even when just two weeks ago they were so proud of the March on Washington. I am not comparing the two – as the demonstrations in Pittsburgh turned into chaos and many were not there to peacefully protest. I am simply saying that we can’t pick and choose when we call protests and demonstrations “democracy in action” and when we will not. With that on the table… these guys are nutjobs. Watch these videos. Nothing but a bunch of hippies trying to be clever hugging police officers while they are busy arresting someone. Great call. Enjoy your night in jail.