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Sarah Palin Stumps for McCain in Arizona

I’m not saying…. I’m just saying… Doesn’t this seem wrong to anybody else? I understand that Governor Palin’s problems with Senator McCain were largely with his staff from the McCain Palin 2008 ticket, and I fully appreciate that she thinks of the aging moderate as both a war hero and a statesman, but didn’t this seem like a stretch to anyone else? Before you start dropping the loyalty bombs on me and how you appreciate them, I would simply ask you to dig deep within yourself and answer this one simple question… If this were not Gov Palin… if this was anyone else… would we give her a pass for playing the loyalty card? Would we not use that loyalty and affection for a man who has clearly lost his way against her?

Right Wing Extremists: March 8 2010

California: A Fiscal Lesson the Democrats Refuse to Learn – Lonely Conservative (I know, quite a few Republicans have been almost as bad as the Democrats. But they’re not in power right now, and if we elect the right candidates there’s hope for the GOP.)  All one has to do is look to California for…

Conservative Blogger Debate: Sarah Palin Edition

For those of you unfortunate enough to find yourself enamored with the Alaskan maverick, I must tell you from the “get-go” that I see your conservative rockstar as nothing more than an uber-popular political talking head. I think her reach extends to her audience and her audience alone…. and her impact is minimal at best and will remain as such until she slowly fades into the background of the political theater never to be seen or heard from ever again. I do not discount her popularity or even her following. I simply see her career evolution taking her in the direction of a Glenn Beck (or dare I say Oprah Winfrey) rather than that of a Ronald Reagan or even a GW. The very idea of Palin (at any point in the future) having an impact on the nation’s economy in my mind is tantamount to thinking cheerleaders have an impact on the outcomes of football games. She can no more impact our nation’s economy than can Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, Levin, or my seven year old nephew for that matter, but in the spirit of this “debate” I will forge ahead nonetheless and play along.

Round 2: The Conservative Blogger Debate – The War On Terror

Round Two of the Conservative Blogger Debate focusing on the Global War on Terror.  Topic dejure is “PREEMPTION” folks… So this should be a good one. The First Remarks from The Classic Liberal…. Here’s Russ at That’s Right’s Response…. The Classic Liberal offered this Rebuttal… Check out Makes My Brain Itch, The Wy Blog, Washington Rebel, Motor…

Jim Bunning is Going Out with a Bang Update: Bunning Folds Bill Advances

This is nothing more than Dems being Dems and the MSM providing them cover. Bunning isn’t filibustering away jobs and unemployment benefits, he is holding Democrats accountable for rules that they have just written. PayGo is great in theory, but this fiasco demonstrates precisely why it is nothing more than a cleverly designed hoax. It is word play – smoke and mirrors at best. Placate fiscal responsibility by passing a PayGo bill saying you’re required to do so, and then go on spending, spending, and more spending. Its like slapping a Jesus fish on the back of your minivan and then road-raging like a madman flipping the bird at little old ladies while “sexting” and running moonshine.

Ron Paul Takes CPAC 2012 Straw Poll?

By now, you have probably heard the results of the annual CPAC presidential straw poll as its been carried even by the mainstream media – in large part because of who came out on top. Ron Paul claimed a decisive victory gaining 31% of the vote. Mitt Romeny finished second with 22%, followed by Sarah Palin (7%) and Tim Pawlenty (6%). As I already stated, the mainstream is loving these results because to them, Paul’s place at the top is a “sign” that the GOP is in disarray and still in desperate need of a legitimate leader. Their mouths are undoubtedly watering at even the thought of a Paul v. Obama 2012 election. Before they get too excited however, it may be worth reminding folks that this is 2010. That November election is nearly three years away.

Why Do We Need Another “Statement” When We Have a Constitution?

A group of “conservative leaders” met today to draft what they are calling the Mount Vernon Statement ahead of the conservative gathering, CPAC, which begins tomorrow.  Some have called the meeting of conservative minds an attempt to unite the “wings” of conservatism under a common statement of principles. Ignoring whether such unification is necessary or…

Right Wing Extremists: February 17, 2010

Here’s another compilation of conservative / libertarian ramblings from around the blog world. I have added a few new faces to the fold so make sure to browse around their sites if you see one that’s new to you. Its been a relatively slow news week, but with CPAC beginning tomorrow, I have no doubt that it will pick up and a few of these sites would be a great place to start.

Did I Mention… Meghan McCain Really Sucks?

I know you’ve been waiting for the sequel to my amazingly informative, inspirational, and insightful post  - “The View Sucks” – and since second go-rounds never live up to their predecessors I have no doubt this one will follow suit and disappoint on multiple levels, but either way… here we go.  I bring you Meghan McCain Really Sucks –…