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RNC 2012: President Bush 41 and 43 Make Video Appearance

President George Bush 41 and 43

Bush 41 and Bush 43 made a video appearance at the Republican National Convention Wednesday night; and in a rare public appearance together, the pair endorsed Governor Romney saying he will be a “great president.” The elder Bush has been in poor health of late, so travelling to the convention in Tampa was clearly out of the question. The younger Bush was absent for his own reasons – most notably – the fact that he seems perfectly content staying as far away from politics as he can.

Huckabee: “I care less about where Romney takes his family to church than where he takes this country”

Mike Huckabee

Former Romney rival Governor Mike Huckabee addressed the 2012 Republican National Convention Wednesday night and attempted to mend old wounds by enthusiastically throwing his support behind the Romney-Ryan ticket. In typical Huckabee fashion, he mixed lighthearted comedy with policy as he endeavored to make the case for his former rival. Speaking to how two old foes can find themselves united in a common cause, he said simply “We have Barack Obama to thank.”

RNC 2012: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s Keynote Address (VIDEO)

Republican National Convention 2012

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie delivered the keynote address to the 2012 Republican National Convention Tuesday night in Tampa, Florida and certainly did not disappoint. While some were surprised he “toned it down” and refrained from directly attacking President Obama, my take away was a new respect for the outspoken governor as he clearly put the party ahead of his own personal ambitions. He could have stole the show by offering nothing but red meat. Instead, he chose to speak to independents, moderates, and undecideds – you know, the people that will most likely determine this election.

RNC 2012: Ann Romney (VIDEO)

Republican National Convention 2012

The next First Lady of the United States Ann Romney addressed the 2012 Republican National Convention Tuesday night in Tampa and wowed and at-home viewing audience of more than 20 million. She was tasked with the job of “humanizing” her husband. She succeeded and endeared herself to the American People in the process.

RNC 2012: South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley (VIDEO)

Republican National Convention 2012

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley is probably among the hottest and fastest rising stars the GOP has to offer. Tuesday night, she introduced herself to the rest of the country and began a conversation that I’m certain will continue for quite some time. She’s by all accounts a product of a new era or resurgence for the conservative movement and fully represents the young and principled face of its newest generation. As many of you know, I rarely get excited about politicians or about the prospects of the things they could potentially offer their country and their party in the future. Nikki Haley is one of the few exceptions. I’m a fan.

RNC 2012: Speaker of the House John Boehner (VIDEO)

Republican National Convention 2012

Speaker of the House John Boehner addressed the delegates at the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa Tuesday night and gave a heartfelt and passionate speech about his life, his rise to the Speakership, and his dealings with the current administration. Including the Speaker of the House in the convention schedule was a given. The fact that he represents Ohio made it absolutely necessary. I think Boehner was fully aware of who his audience was.

RNC 2012: Senator Kelly Ayotte (VIDEO)

Republican National Convention 2012

New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte spoke to the delegates of the 2012 Republican National Convention Tuesday night. She’s a relative unknown to most, so I’m certain is was a “who’s that?” kinda night. I’m also certain is was probably also a “I really liked that senator I’d never heard of” kinda night as well.