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Sarah Palin Headed to New Hampshire Following Iowa Tea Party Rally?

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High level Iowa Republicans tell TheIowaRepublican.com that Sarah Palin will fly to New Hampshire following her September 3rd appearance in central Iowa. Speculation has been swirling about whether or not Palin will use her Iowa appearance in Iowa over Labor Day weekend to join the field of Republican candidates. The news that Palin is New Hampshire bound after her Iowa speech will only add to the speculation that she may be entering the Republican presidential field.

The Most Pro-Sarah Palin Post I’ve Ever Written

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For anyone that’s ever stumbled over here or caught wind of a T Christopher Republican Redefined Sarah Palin post, you probably know I’m not exactly a “fan” of the Former Alaska Governor. Call it a flaw (many have), call it a weakness (many have), call it something worse (many have), I just can’t find it in me to get on the Palin bandwagon. I appreciate her place in our Party and in the conservative movement as a whole. I agree with her on just about every issue. I’ll spare you the other side for now so don’t be clever and ask. Remember, this is supposed to be the most Pro-Palin post I’ve ever written?

Michele Bachmann – Today’s Matt Lauer “Palinized”

Michele Bachmann Today Show

Say what you want about Michele Bachmann, but you’d be a fool to call her timid, weak, or unwilling to take her message right into the belly of the beast that is the “Main Stream Media” and left-driven outlets. The woman is fearless in that regard. Having made a name for herself with appearances on MSNBC as a Congresswoman, she seems determined to take that model a step further as a “candidate” by agreeing to every interview that comes her way. Tuesday morning, she made an appearance on The Today Show for an interview with host Matt Lauer. I’ve posted the video below, so I’ll let you watch it for yourself and you can catch me on the other side for my reaction.

Palin in Iowa for Documentary Premier “The Undefeated”

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is set to make an appearance in Iowa Tuesday to take part in the premier of “The Undefeated” – a documentary said to clear the air and to change the perception of her premature departure from the governorship. As is the case every time Gov Palin makes an appearance, throngs of reporters will no doubt follow the Republican starlet’s every move as she makes her way around a key early primary state. While the timing of the visit is a result of the film premier and not of her own choosing, it does seem rather convenient that Gov Palin would arrive the day after Michele Bachmann made her candidacy official.

Sarah Palin “The Undefeated” Documentary to Premier in Iowa, A Prelude to 2012 Run?

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The Palin camp is set to unveil a documentary next month in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina; and then the film could be making an appearance at a theater near you. The “feature length” film, titled “The Undefeated”, reportedly clarifies the Former Alaska Governor’s decision to leave her post prematurely and is intended to put to rest much of the speculation and criticism regarding her time as Governor. The film opens with a montage of Palin-Hater clips; including “appearances” from Rosie O’Donnell, Matt Damon, David Letterman, and Howard Stern. That should make some noise.