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Tim Tebow Easter Service “We Need to Get Back to One Nation Under God” (VIDEO)

Tim Tebow Easter Sunday

Tim Tebow was hard at work Sunday morning. Recently traded to the New York Jets to serve in a backup role to starting quarterback Mark Sanchez, it may be the most significant work he does for some time, on Sundays, in more ways than one. Speaking to a congregation of thousands, Tebow took part in a Q&A session on Easter morning. Many had been reporting that Tebow would deliver a sermon. The semantic differences are really neither here nor there, but to some the distinction may be of relative import.

How Long Before Tim Tebow Gets the Kirk Cameron Treatment in New York?

Tim Tebow Jets

Tim Tebow to the Jets. How long before his Faith becomes an issue for the New York media. Will he be the next Kirk Cameron ostracized for views on homosexuality? Tim Tebow was traded to the New York Jets Wednesday night and then he was untraded while the Jacksonville Jaguars attempted to reopen negotiations with the Denver Peytons Broncos. In the end, Tebow was eventually, again, dealt to New York – either at Tebow’s personal request or in a move that made the most business sense for Elway and the Broncos – depending on which side you believe. I don’t care much for the particulars of an NFL trade negotiation, but I do find it somewhat intriguing that Mr. Tebow appears so excited to begin his Big Apple journey.

Must Read Rick Reilly Column: “I Believe in Tim Tebow”

Tim Tebow

I was going to write the shameless NFL Playoff story with the hope of snagging a few new visitors by capitalizing on what Drudge is predicting may be the game “that breaks TV records”; but I stumbled upon a link to this column from Rick Riley whilst reading one of those aforementioned shameless posts from a fellow blogger, and felt all but compelled to share this story instead. Unless this is your first time here, you probably know that I’m a pretty big fan of Rick Reilly. For my time, there’s no one else I’d rather read in the world of sports. He has a unique way of blending sports, everyday life, and humor that I believe is nothing short of brilliant.