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Tom Friedman’s Bloomberg Misdirection: One for the Country

Tom Friedmam Mike Bloomberg

Tom Friedman’s latest article is titled “One for the Country.” I assume by “One for the Country” he means a One Finger for the Country- as in the middle finger – because dude likes this country about as much as I like kicks to the groin. Don’t get me wrong, everyone’s got the “Right” to vent a little from time-to-time; but there’s something about Friedman’s latest rant that makes it look like he’s blowing off a lot more smoke than steam. My problem with Friedman, and his column is not that he expressed dissatisfaction with the status quo. I’m as disgruntled as the next guy. It’s that the latest musings of that progressive tool are so disingenuous that I can’t help but think he was laughing out loud while putting pen to paper. Dude had a bad day, a worse commute, and no cell service while on a train; and now he wants to throw the whole thing out and hand the keys to Bloomberg? Has he finally reached the point where he’s willing to admit he thinks 99.9% of Americans are borderline mentally disabled?

Harold Ford Jr to Mika Brzezinski and Meet the Press Panel: “Oil Subsidies Don’t Go to a Guy Named Exxon Mobil”

Meet the Press Panel

Harold Ford Jr. joined Joe Scarborough and the Meet the Press panel Sunday for a discussion of the week’s top political topics. Among them was the issue hitting closest to home with most Americans – gas prices. The former Congressman from the Great State of Tennessee penned an editorial for the Wall Street Journal last week in which he called for President Obama to “work with our leading energy companies instead of fighting them.”

Tom Friedman on Raising the Gas Tax? – Absolutely (VIDEO)

Tom Friedman The World is Flat

“Absolutely. We’ve got to find a way to diminish use and encourage use of renewables.” Continuing the Sunday theme of strangely composed panel and round table discussions, Meet the Press tapped New York Times columnists David Brooks and Tom Friedman as well as former Tennessee Congressman Harold Ford, Jr. for a discussion of the weekly hot button topics. And they threw in Morning Joe Scarborough, sidekick Mika Brzezinski, and author John Meacham for good measure. Since David Gregory was on vacation, Scarborough ran the panel. A discussion of gas prices and their potential impact on 2012 elections ensued, and Tom Friedman used the opportunity to remind us that he’s written a book, or two. The real attention grabber came at the end of his self-promoting rant. SCARBOROUGH: How big of an issue are gas prices going to be moving forward through the Fall?