This meager expression of my personal views on Conservatism and its role in Republican Party is merely a byproduct of self-reflection and an attempt to explore my true beliefs and their origins.  It is easy to support a laundry list of issues and policies that when gazed upon appear to closely align with our political views; but far too often those of us who are politically inclined force ourselves to support issues or policies purely because we are supposed to.  We are conservative and it is “conservative” to believe in X, Y, and Z.  I think the most important thing for all conservatives, and all Americans for that matter, to ask themselves is “why” they believe the way they do politically.  The following is purely an attempt to answer those questions of “why” for myself.  If in doing so by placing pen to paper my reflection is capable of making similar efforts more efficient for other similarly situated individuals, then it will be considered a modest success.  The questions of “why” have plague mankind for all of perpetuity and will continue to shape the framework for all enlightened debate.  It is easy to speak in terms of advocacy or opposition to policies and issues when laid out plainly for us by a national party platform, but the moment that each of us begins to ask ourselves “why” we have such passionate beliefs is the moment that we begin to make an individual contribution to the political discussion.  Without the “why’s” we are simply conservative drones who are no more enlightened than the Liberal lemmings we purport to despise.

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